The CAO Sports P.L.U.S. Program was established in October 2010 with the purpose of impacting the city of Buffalo's youth in a positive and life changing way.

The concept behind SPORTS P.L.U.S, is simply stated as," The Power of Sport and Recreation." Participants learn the fundamentals of various sports, and are given the opportunity to excel in a specific sport. Student-athletes have the chance to become leaders, be a part of a team, learn life and social skills, and spend time in a positive environment away from negative recreational activities. This program affords children the opportunity to experience the power of sport within our urban community. 

Our mission is to create community centers with cohesive and interrelated sport and recreational programs from which neighborhood families can benefit. Our goal is also to increase participation rates in all CAO programs, thus, making an impression on the poverty levels of our communities.

Sports P.L.U.S. aims to serve Western New York with an emphasis on clients residing in the City of Buffalo. The programs focus is to serve children from elementary school through high school. Clients under the age of 18 must have parental permission to participate in Sports P.L.U.S. programming or events.

Since the Sports P.L.U.S. program was initiated in mid-October, we have come to see positive changes in the city of Buffalo's athletic community. We believe that after last year's success, two of our organizations teams winning a National Championship, we have a strong foundation to continue to spread the power of sport and recreation through the inner city and Western New York.  Sports P.L.U.S. was also able to galvanize the top basketball organizations and bring them together under the Sports P.L.U.S. umbrella. The Sports P.L.U.S. basketball league includes four boys' teams and two girl's teams. These teams practiced two times a week and played games on Saturdays during the basketball season. Sports P.L.U.S. teams placed high in local tournaments and were led by some of the city's best basketball talent.  Basketball is not the only sport included in our winter programming though. SPORTS P.L.U.S. has developed the only wrestling program in the inner-city of Buffalo. The Buffalo Public Schools are lacking middle school and high school wrestling programs, and it is our aim to be the catalyst in the development of elite wrestling program. The Buffalo Grapplers' coached by Todd Spencer Rodriguez is continuing to introduce the city's youth to the sport. Wrestling can teach our children the value of discipline, hard work and a healthy lifestyle. 

Future Outlook:
Sports P.L.U.S has nine youth football teams registered for the 2011season. Our league, which will begin its regular season play in August, will allow us to provide more than 3,000 youth, not including the participation of parents and siblings, the ability to participate in competitive and safe football and cheerleading programs. Our long-term goal is to bring organization and responsibility and integrity to inner-city youth sport and recreation organizations. Sport and Recreation is a key ingredient to the total development of our youth.

Updated: July 11, 2016










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