Child & Family Services Reach Out Program helps individuals and families overcome personal and neighborhood problems. Human service workers from a service center on Buffalo's East Side "reach out" by going door to door; talking to people, listening to their problems, and helping people come together for the common good. Reach Out helps:

  • Families and individuals,
  • Neighborhoods, and
  • The larger community.

How Does Reach Out Help People?

Residents of Buffalo's East Side may experience problems with housing, employment and insufficient services. Personal and family problems, including parent/child friction, marriage troubles, education, child care, money matters, elder care and health problems may occur as well.

The Reach Out Program provides:

  • Advocacy on behalf of children and families,
  • Counseling for individuals and families,
  • Group activities for children, youth, parents and the elderly, and
  • Provide van transportation to senior citizens & disabled.

Who is Eligible?

Low income families and individuals in need.







Updated: July 11, 2016










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