What Are Neighborhood Advisory Councils  (N.A.C.s) ?

Neighborhood Advisory Councils (N.A.C.s) have been in existence since the Community Action Organization began in 1965.  They were created as resident led advisory bodies to protect and preserve the community's right to advocate for their common interests.  N.A.C.s work together with the Community Action Organization and other groups to combat problems relating to poverty, under representation, and marginalization.  N.A.C.s aim to provide all community residents support and assistance in improving the quality of life for themselves, their families and their community. 

How Do They Work?

Each N.A.C. decides on it's own set of specific goals and methods of organization to address concerns of the communities it serves; these goals are formalized in a set of by-laws. All N.A.C.s have executive officers, meet at least once a month and conduct orderly meetings which are opened to the public. One representative from each of the N.A.C.s serves on an Overall Advisory Council (O.A.C.) which advises the Community Action Organization on critical needs of the communities their N.A.C. represents.

How Can They Help You?

Through a strong connection to the Community Action Organization joining an N.A.C. would keep you informed of all the community services, resources and programs available to you and your community.  Also N.A.C.s are a place where you can meet other community leaders, share best practices, and find support for resident driven community improvement. 

How Can I get Involved in a NAC Near Me?

Just call your nearest, local Neighborhood Services C.A.O. from the list below.

  • Ellicott N.A.C., call 856-8866
  • Masten N.A.C., call 882-2055
  • Lackawanna N.A.C., call 825-2147
  • West Side N.A.C., call 882-7814
  • Southtowns/County N.A.C., call 549-6382
  • Fruitbelt N.A.C., call 886-2617

If you live in an area that does not presently have an N.A.C. please contact Leadership Coordinator Anita Irene 716-886-2617 to begin one near you.


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