No matter how well your resume looks, the key to landing a good job is making a good impression during the interview. At CAO, we know the importance of getting through the interview process. Here are a few interview tips to help you prepare for that special job.

The first key to a successful interview is to remember that you only have one opportunity to make a good first impression. Don't blow it!

Always be prompt. It's even better to arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment.

Dress for success. Review our dress tips.

Always carry several additional resumes with you to the interview. Never rely on the interviewer to have your "file" on hand. Also, you want to be prepared in case you are asked to interview with someone else. Review our resume tips.

Know as much about your prospective employer as possible. This is the time to take advantage of your computer skills - by using the Internet to research important information regarding your possible new employer.

Begin your interview with a strong handshake and always look the interviewer straight in his or her eyes. That doesn't mean stare the interviewer down. The goal is to let the interviewer know that you are confident about your skills and who you are.

Always be straight and give honest answers - especially about your past work experience and your employer. But, don't talk negatively about your past employer. Highlight the skills you developed while at your former job and focus on the assets you brought to that work experience. The bottom line is "keep a positive outlook on the past and into the future."

Remember that you are also interviewing your prospective employer. You want information about the company as well. It is equally important for you to know if this company is where you want to be for the next several years. Ask about the organization, its structure, as well as other questions that will give you some insight into your perspective new work environment. Be able to determine if there are growth and development opportunities available to you.

Don't become too familiar with the interviewer and remember to check the spelling and pronunciation of the interviewer's last name. You can also pleasantly correct the interviewer if he/she pronounces your name incorrectly.

Show interest in the company and interviewer.

Say "Thank you" and shake the interviewer's hand after the interview.
Don't forget to follow-up with a Thank You card and/or a brief telephone call to let the interviewer know how much you enjoyed and appreciated the interview.

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